Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Too far??? WAY TOO (*&^)(*&#% FAR!!!!!!!!!!!

As of late, prominent DNC leaders have taken a line from the following:

And now there are 0bama campaign buttons and shirts with this slogan.

So now the comparison is that 0bama is Jesus and Palin is Pontius Pilate. Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter were governors as well, numbskulls!

Why is this pastor using his pulpit to cage Jesus into anything.

Jesus Christ was NOT a community organizer. He is the Messiah, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Son of God, Light of the World, Bread of Life, the Solid Rock, Lamb of God and so much more than any one title could ever encompass.

If we are going to take this line of thinking, the ONLY ONE who is a community organizer is GOD Almighty. God organized EVERYTHING. And 0bama ain’t God, a god, godly, or righteous. So there is no way to compare them.
Also, Jesus came to seek and save the lost to bring them to God. Obama came to seek and save lemmings to bring them to himself and his political power.

And how dare anyone compare a brutal provincial Roman governor to any politician in our country, democrat or republican?!??!??! Because if that were the case, A better comparison would be those DEMOCRAT governors and plantation owners of Antebellum America….oh and they did things to organize their communities with whips and chains.

Do you see how stupid that sounds?

Is the desperation to put 0bama in office so great that now even CHRISTIAN pastors would blaspheme Jesus? Who gets the glory there, pastor?

I would NEVER compare ANY politician to Jesus!

And let’s get this straight. A community organizer is a politician…some use the position to seek higher ones and some use it for the good of the community, but it is a political job nonetheless. And Jesus was never political. He NEVER did anything with the purpose to bring good to the earthly community. He did ALL to glorify God.

This is a line crossed that God will have to deal with, because I am having to repent of my hatred for idiots right now.

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Joi said...

And really, wasn't it the Pharisees who went around stirring up the votes to crucify Christ?

Who's the community organizer there?