Wednesday, September 3, 2008

McCain needs us to do our very best

This year’s RNC Convention has spoken one main thing to me. Those of us who blog and host or participate in Online Radio Shows have a responsibility of leadership that is beyond what the RNC staffers can do. We have a load to carry and that how far we carry it might be the difference between President McCain and President Obama.

We cannot afford to give up or call this election lost. John McCain was not my initial choice because I felt that he was giving his very best for conservatism in Washington. I have since changed my attitude. John McCain has continually given his very best throughout his career. He gave his body to his nation…twice. He has led in a way that is not always popular or even in agreement with his party, but he led.

And now John McCain needs us to do our very best for him. The stakes are too high not to give our very best.

We cannot let disputes distract us from doing our very best.

We cannot let personal preferences distract us from doing our very best.

We called out to John McCain when we doubted his ability to lead the conservative base and he did his very best by providing a conservative running mate.

We have a duty to do our very best for our country but doing our very best for John McCain.

The following video is from the movie “Facing the Giants.” It is a football movie with a Christian tone and lesson. But I believe the following scene speaks to us as conservatives who support John McCain. It is an inspiring scene that should inspire you to give your very best and never give up.

McCain ~ Palin 2008

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