Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jim Demint on the current bailout...again

Senator DeMint debates the bailout plan with Senator Chuck Schumer on The Today Show.

From the Today Show on 9/24/08:

Jim DeMint, who has a successful business background, seems to be the only one who is addressing this bailout with any semblance of logic. Vierra didn't spur this debate well at all and gave Schumer the go ahead to tout his desire for another great depression. And Schumer was way out of line with the "Hoover" remark.

And notice that DeMint is shown as being in D.C. and Schumer is on Capitol Hill. Another biased way to show that one guy is in the trenches and the other guy isn't. But is is NBC after all so I shouldn't be shocked.

The Democrats will not be satisfied unless Americans are miserable and they get to baloon government with a facade of philanthropy. Yet, the innards of it will be nothing but chitterlings and fatback. (And no that is not a racist remark)

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