Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Obama goons involved in investigation of Palin

Dems challenged on “Troopergate”

A lawsuit has been filed by a Texas law firm on behalf of several state lawmakers in Alaska, seeking to have at least one financial supporter of Sen. Barack Obama removed from a team investigating "Troopergate," a series of allegations involving GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

If you don’t know what this is about… uh, Google it, goober!

The lawsuit said the investigation… is being led by Sens. Hollis French and Kim Elton, with Stephen E. Branchflower as an investigator.

However, the three have pursued "partisan" actions in attempts to "smear" Palin that make the investigation impossible to continue and be perceived as fair, the lawsuit said.

"The partisan actions of Sen. French, Sen. Elton and Branchflower have tainted the investigation beyond the appearance of impartiality required under the Alaska Constitution," said Kevin Clarkson, of the firm Brena, Bell, & Clarkson and counsel in the suit.

The investigation, which began after Monegan's dismissal in July, is being led by Obama supporters, the lawsuit said. For example, Elton donated $2,000 to the Obama campaign, then failed to disclose that to the Legislative Council, Liberty Legal said.

"He continues to preside over the investigation despite his apparent personal political interest in the outcome of the investigation," the claim said. "Sen. French, the 'investigation project manager,' failed to disclose the comments he had made on a radio program criticizing Gov. Palin's termination of Monegan as 'criminal' prior to being appointed as the 'investigation project manager' and even prior to a vote to investigate at all."

And, the claim said, "Branchflower, the lead investigator, is alleged to be a personal friend of Monegan."

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