Monday, September 22, 2008

Stuart Smalley Still Sucks Sewage

Just when you thought that the left couldn’t get any more crass, they, and especially Al “Stuart Smalley” Franken, take degeneracy down beneath the gutter of bad taste.

SNL used to be one of those skit comedy shows who could make fun of everyone and it be just comedy. Now, it seems that the ultra liberal news department has permeated this once great show. There is still a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor that is even funny. But it is apparent that NBC’s overall goal is to get 0bama elected by making McCain look bad…. even ridiculously bad.

Even though Al Franken is no longer employed by SNL or NBC, the MN senatorial candidate phoned in the idea for the following scene from the September 20th installment:

This is appalling on two levels. First of all, characterizing McCain in the way they did really didn’t bother me as much as the fact that I cannot recall an SNL skit where he was portrayed in even a remotely negative way. The worst SNL has done has been to parody type of people who are totally in the Kool-Aid filled tank for 0bama. There IS a difference there. The second aspect that bothers me is that Franken is involved in it. All that proves is that NBC is pro left and pro 0bama. Their credibility as a network has been irreparably destroyed.

On the same episode there is a New York times skit in which the paper is sending its investigative journalists to Alaska to investigate Sarah Palin. Now, I do believe that the majority of the joke was on the elite media who can’t handle investigating “real” Americans. However, one statement in which Governor Palin’s husband is referred to as having incest with his daughters is thrown in just to help inflame the current epidemic of “Palin Derangement Syndrome.” I would not be shocked if it came from an actual NYT reporter, but SNL used to be above that sort of thing…

Oops! NOPE. Back in 1995, there was a skit in which the subject of rape is used in a joke about CBS journalists. And guess who was involved with that… YEP. Stuart Smalley. And it would not surprise me here if it turns out that the incest line was conceived by Franken as well.

Hey, Minnesotans! Are you sure you want this guy representing you? I realize you folks have been steering left in recent years, but are you sure, absolutely sure you want this guy?

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