Wednesday, September 3, 2008

American Women Are Smarter Than This!

Just how do the main stream media and tabloid trash rags want America to view GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin? Take a look and you decide if the following is being fair and unbiased.

Palin OK Cover


There is no scandal. Palin has been open and honest about her newborn and honestly addressed her daughter’s pregnancy.

There was no choice that Sarah Palin had to make. God blessed her with a life and she followed God’s guidance by becoming a mother again to a beautiful child.

There is only one truth about her baby and that has already been revealed by Palin herself.

Now let’s look at two different covers from the same magazine; US Weekly…

Obama US Weekly Cover

Wow!!! She’s just like every mom! “She shops at Target.” She “never misses the girls’ recitals.” She’s “down-to-earth.” What a lady! I know my wife can relate to her.

Now look at how the same rag portrayed Sarah Palin…

Palin US Weekly Cover

“BABIES, LIES & SCANDAL” She’s “under attack” and had to “admit” something. She’s been “investigated.” And there are “embarrassing surprises” about her. Ooh, she seems scandalous and aloof. I am not sure my wife will relate to her.

I am pretty sure Sarah Palin has been proud of her country her entire life…Hmm.

And you wonder why the American people are getting frustrated with business-as-usual journalism.

By the way…Both my wife and I will be voting for John McCain AND Sarah Palin in November.

McCain ~ Palin 2008

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