Tuesday, September 2, 2008

America is now truly in danger!

It has come to light that a situation has risen that puts our national security, economy, and core society at a terrible risk.

This is something that is vitally important and will obviously affect the upcoming national election.

Bristol Palin, the 17 year old, unwed daughter of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is five months pregnant!

I am just utterly shocked at this! It has shaken the very core of my conservative being and I just don’t know what to think or do now.


As a conservative Christian, I don’t like to hear that a child has been conceived out of wedlock. The risks with that alone are tremendous. However, it is apparent that Bristol Palin and the father of her baby are in love and will be making it right with God by getting married. Furthermore, they are keeping the baby. Again, as a Christian, I plainly say that fornication is a sin, and these young adults are guilty. But, I also believe that the Palin family are Christian and know Christ. Therefore, this can and will be only settled by how God guides their family. And that should be the end of it.

I find the liberal media and blogosphere reaction to this story unsettling for several reasons. They salivated over meat by acting more like a tabloid than reporting a story spreading a lie rather than letting it be a family issue. They hypocritically acted in a way that they accuse conservatives of acting about something like this. They treated it as a nation threatening scandal. And they forced an American family to publicly admit to a very private family issue.

And the thing that really makes me mad is that, when a hurricane is looming over a city that hasn’t been fully restored from previous devastation, liberals were more focused on the potential scandal revolving around the pregnancy of a teenage girl.


President cheated on his committed marriage and lied to cover it up. Chelsea didn’t. He diminished the character and integrity of his presidency by willfully practicing deception. Had he not been in the highest office of the land, it might not have mattered as much. But because he has a responsibility to practice the basics when it comes to what is right and wrong, his actions are far worse. And yes I believe he is a Christian and can get forgiveness from God as well.

Sarah Palin is strong and smart enough to know how to be a mother and executive. She’s already been doing that.

Now that Gustav has died down, we are still concerned with its aftermath and now with tropical storm Hanna building up. Also, there is a new tropical storm that could have a further affect on this nation…Josephine.

Right now, the agendas of political parties should be on the back burner because it’s time for Americans to be there for Americans! Yet, liberals don’t seem to want that unless it will get them votes and power.

With these tactics, if, God forbid, there is another terrorist attack on our nation, I will expect the libtardocratics to be more focused on the butt wart hairs of the Secretary of State than a true emergency.

I become more and more convinced that Libs see two Americas. The one they want and the one that must be obliterated.

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