Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dogs??? Seriously, Dogs???????

With all of the problems this nation is facing, dogs are at the top of the political foray for the presidency.

So, let’s take a good look at the importance of famous presidential dogs:

Teddy Roosevelt’s Bull Terrier, Pete, was so notorious for biting that he was banished from the White House/

FDR’s Scottish Terrier, Fala, was present at many of the most important meeting between international leaders that he probably was able to ignore the extra-maritals committed by #32.

JFK’s Mutt, Pashinka, was the offspring of Soviet Space dog Strelka (obviously a commie plant) survived the Cuban Missile Crisis AND Marilyn Monroe.

LBJ liked to lift his Beagles up by their ears. Surely fun for Him and Her!

Gerald Ford’s Golden Retriever, Liberty, who had a litter of pups, had to train them to be very wary around tumble prone #38.

Reagan’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was the first to hold the title of “First Dog.”

Bush, the Elder’s Springer Spaniel, Millie, who liked to snap at the press – I REALLY LIKED THIS DOG.

Slick Willie’s Chocolate Lab, Buddy, who was obviously oblivious enough that he couldn’t keep #42’s trousers zipped.

W’s Scottish Terrier, Barney, who strode proudly along side #43 after 9/11.

And Bo, Barack Obama’s gift to his daughters for their patience and good behavior during his 2008 campaign.

These are only a few but there are goodies and baddies among them all. But now dogs are the focus of the actual campaign. Anyone else old enough to remember who Checkers was?

Hey, we know it’s a dog eat dog world out there so if dogs are now the focus of the campaign… and if it really is dog eat dog… at least Romney can say he didn’t!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Potential Future of This is Frightening!

I am in no way taking sides until ALL the facts are there. The known facts: Martin is dead. Zimmerman shot him. Zimmer WAS protecting his neighborhood, albeit, he apparently took that role a bit too far in this case. He called 911 to report the situation. He was told that he didn’t need to keep following the person he was calling about. Screaming and yelling was heard and then a gun shot was heard.

Those are the facts. Legally, a court of law couldn’t convict on them alone.

A lot of people forget that the “stand your ground” law applied to Martin as well. If Zimmerman pursued him and was threatening him, Martin had a right to defend himself. If Martin turn on Zimmerman, even though Zimmerman was following him, Zimmerman had the same right to defend himself.

Our nation’s media and even some of the leaders of this country are behaving irresponsibly by convicting either Zimmerman or Martin before all the facts are know. It is truly disgraceful. I was listening to some R&B on the radio and heard the DJ basically take the side that Martin was murdered by Zimmerman and the only way for America to heal, is for Zimmerman to be arrested. Why stir the hornet’s nest of potential unrest this whole situation could cause?

Remember what happened with the Rodney King travesty when the cops were acquitted? I hate to imagine what will happen when Zimmerman is arrested, and proven not guilty…

I am still of the opinion that if Zimmerman willfully pursued Martin and shot him with no or little provocation, FRY ZIMMERMAN. If Martin turned on Zimmerman and attacked him and the only way Zimmerman could protect himself was but the use of a handgun, according to Florida law, Martin got what he deserved. But I refuse to convict or condemn either Martin or Zimmerman because I was not there and I want all the facts before I cast my personal verdict.

The racial aspect of this whole thing is absolutely disgusting. There are those who want to portray Zimmerman as a white racist who went out to rid the world of another black. And the old photos of Martin show a cherub of a young man who never misbehaved in his life.

Martin was suspended from school because of a matter involving marijuana (not that it has anything to do with this conflict with Zimmerman). There are others who have said that Martin could get wild from time to time.

Zimmerman, the white racist, is actually part Hispanic. Furthermore, he had a history of tutoring young people in his time off, including African-American children. It has also been promulgated that there have also been times where Zimmerman acted on behalf of African-American against the police.

Both parties have good and bad aspects about them.

We all need to just relax and let the Florida authorities handle the case. That is what Martin’s family is doing.