Saturday, September 6, 2008

From the mouths of her former colleagues in Alaska.

McCain ~ Palin 2008

Apparently Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s experience not only has her words, or the words of the GOP to claim her experience, but she has the words of her former colleagues in Alaska. This is a popular governor who has the reputation of putting her constituents first.

The following videos are from “On The Record” with Great Van Susteren on Fox News from September 5th.

Dianne Keller on Sarah Palin:

Dianne Keller is the current mayor of Wasilla, Alaska who succeeded Palin to the mayorship. Keller observed Palin as mayor for six years while she served on the Wasilla city counsel. Keller gives her admiration for Palin’s personal drive while relating to her small town constituency. Palin went to people’s homes to meet with them about their concerns. She even performed her mayoral privilege of marrying a couple at the local Wal-Mart. Keller endorsed Palin here not just politically, but personally as well.

Major General Craig E. Campbell and Meg Stapleton on Sarah Palin:

General Campbell has known Palin for twelve years. In referring to Palin’s gubernatorial duties as commander-in-chief of the Alaska National Guard, Campbell said that, “Sarah does it great.” Campbell talked about how soon after Palin took office as Governor, some of her first questions were about the guard troops and, after visiting those deployed to Kuwait, ended up with ideas and perspectives that served the best interest of the troops, their families, and their state. She took those perspectives and ideas and made them into law the following year. Campbell stated that “she is above and beyond what a governor will do,” in terms of her role as C-in-C of the state guard. What she needed to learn and understand about the guard in Alaska, she did in “rapid-fire” fashion. As a military commander, Campbell gave a resounding endorsement of Palin’s abilities as a civilian leader of the military.

Meg Stapleton served as Press Secretary to Palin. Stapleton described Palin’s ability to get work moving on a natural gas pipeline which is something that Alaska governor have to been trying to unsuccessfully do for three decades. She was able to accomplish this because she researched and questioned all sides of the issue and she saw the need to let capitalistic market competition prevail over government control. Stapleton also talked about Palin’s overwhelming popularity in Alaska and explained that it was do to Palin being able to be a common sense executive who put Alaskans first instead of special interests. She gave her endorsement by stating the Palin would bring that same attitude with her as vice-president.

Now, I realize that no person is perfect and especially, no politician is perfect. But it is amazing that this daughter of “Final Frontier” has a modern pioneering spirit reminiscent of our founding fathers!

Sarah Palin ~ Liberty Belle by joitheartist
“Liberty Belle” by JOITHEARTIST

McCain ~ Palin 2008

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