Friday, August 29, 2008


In a post HRCN wrap up email, I made some appreciative remarks and then shared how I came upon Blog Talk Radio. One of the recipients of that email said I should blog the remarks regarding Josh Allem and the JPA Live Show. So, here is my tribute to Joshua P. Allem.

I would like to say a few words about Josh.

I first was introduced to Joshua Allem when I was starting to campaign for Fred Thompson. I was looking for audio and video clips to use and I came across this clip where I swore it was Andy Griffith talking about Fred Thompson. And once I started to listen I half expected to hear a connection between Fred Thompson and a “funny lookin’ little punkin” on a cow pasture. Don’t believe me? Compare the voices in the following:

Anyway, once I got used to the idea that it wasn’t actually Andy a gittin ready to `splain sumthin to Barney, I really got into it. And this guy was poignantly topical and even very funny about the whole thing. I especially liked his bit about the generic senator telling someone what time it was.

Well, I didn’t want to take anyone’s thunder and so I found Josh’s email and told him I wanted to post it at my MySpace blog. He responded in a very humbled way and told me it was fine. You can view that MySpace blog here.

The next thing you know, Josh and I are emailing back and forth and I had discovered his outstanding blog.

Then in February of this year, I started listening to the JPA Live Show.

Had I known about it sooner, I probably would have listened sooner. I remember that Skye and Snooper were on and I think Doug and Wild Phil as well. Then one night I decided to call in and tell his show about my concerns over the national security issue of windfarms at our borders.

Once that ice was broken, I have been harassing his show and its listeners ever since.

Further more, he has a new show regarding the Bible, FOUNDING WORD.

Then I realized there was a whole BTR community of people who, for the most part, felt the same way I did about God and Politics. I started to listen to Political Pistachio, ATW, Halls of Valhalla, Jungle Politics, and Media Lizzy among others. And I really feel welcome no matter where I call.

But it all started with this guy who had this great Texas drawl with whom I had one thing in common. Whether we realize it or not, we do reach people and as long as we do it with integrity and honesty, our BTR family will continue to grow!

Thanks, Josh!

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Joshua P. Allem said...

In the accent of Andy Griffith..."Awe...shucks..."