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"The Hope of Choice" - Transcrips of my HRCN speech

The following is my speech from the Heading Right Convention Night on August 26, 2008. You can listen to both segments at the links below:

I was honored to receive a very humbling introduction by Tara, AKA Danger Girl and her comments start at about 28:00 minutes into the JPA Live segment of the convention.

The Hope of Choice

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. It is my distinct honor and privilege to speak to you tonight.

First I would like to praise and thank God Almighty and pray to give Him the ultimate honor and glory in the following words.

Tonight I want to talk to you about hope.

Hope is defined in two ways: As a noun, it is the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best. As a verb, it is to look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence. In its origin, some etymologists even connect hope to the word hop…as in leaping to expectation.

But right now, in America, hope has been bantered around so much that its meaning has been disconnected from the American heart. Hope is currently in use as a campaign slogan. Furthermore, this slogan is indicative of the candidate it represents. You see, to the Democratic party, hope is an empty word that they want us to believe in because that would mean that this great nation isn’t the best and hasn’t been worthy of our loyalty.

But to me, and many of my fellow conservatives, hope has become more than just a campaign slogan from the opposition. It has become a klaxon, a red alert, a call to arms. In 1775, Patrick Henry spoke, “it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts.”

You see, I believe this nation has been, is and will be the greatest nation this world has ever known. The “great experiment” that was born 232 years ago has long shown true success. By God’s grace, we have survived so very much, much more than other, longer-lived nations could. And that is what gives me hope. Not hope to change everything at the expense of the fruition of our greatest strides or even our tremendous struggles. But hope to continue the great successes we have had, hope to venture into and conquer he unknown and hope that we can and will improve upon those things in which there is always room for improvement.

In this year’s election we can secure prosperity and security by doing our duty at the ballot. And because prosperity and security are potentially so untenable if the liberals gain the white house, it is imperative for every Conservative and Republican to cast a vote for Senator John McCain.

I will choose and trust John Sydney McCain. I absolutely trust him over Barack Obama in two key areas.
1. McCain has promised to nominate Supreme Court judges that will respect the constitution, and not legislate from the bench.
2. McCain will deal with the war on terror in a way that will keep America safe. Of the two candidates, if such a horrific situation arises, John McCain is the only one who has had the life experiences to handle another surprise terrorist attack similar or worse to 9/11.

Barack Obama has placed himself in the light as a deity of destiny. Yet like Fortuna, the goddess of fate, Barack Obama is worshipped as a symbol of blessing by some but in truth is a capricious demagogue with a life surrounded by dark and evil people.

As with most demagogues under the banner of liberalism, the issues are again ignored in favor of an idol. It seems that more and more people tend to think that as long as the idol gets the power, the issues will be resolved. Consequently, the only time that happens is in totalitarian governments. And the result is the loss of liberty and even life.

Look at how great America truly is. This great country has again and again risen to greatness because of how its people dealt with the issues of their respective times. It has been about how individuals rose up to meet obstacles head on with a singularly AMERICAN determination to make the fight matter for the country and its future.

The democrats want increasing power to manage the government, the states, the counties, the towns, the homes…and even the individual. Barack Obama and his liberal contemporaries not only want you to look to the government for all of your answers but also want to make sure that you will not have any non-governmental resources to access…. including yourself.

You see, my friends, we do have the hope of choice right here and right now. And that hope can only be answered by casting a vote for John McCain.

There are some conservatives who think this nation will be better served by not voting or voting for a third party candidate so that the next election around, Conservatism will again be a rallying cry that will be answered. However…

We’re not talking about doing that during a peace time where the threat to American security is non-existent or even minor. And we are also not talking about a democratic candidate like Mondale, Hart, Gephardt, Bradley, Kerry, Edwards or even Gore.

Were talking about a time when American security and prosperity are at the precipice of remaining strong or falling to the whims of the most liberal senator on record should he become president.

This is Barack Hussein Obama we’re really talking about. And there is too much at stake in the safety and security of American lives to allow the election of a Marxist as president to prove a point. To me, proving the point to the voters that a left leaning government is a bad thing should not be at the risk of the very lives of those voters.

Barack Obama, the true Obama would show who he really is as president: a man who was raised with the teachings of Islam, a man who was mentored by Marxists, a man who thinks that evil dictators can be convinced to behave, a man with the most liberal voting record in American history.

In other words, a vote for a third party candidate or not voting at all may send a message to Republicans that they need to return to and embrace the conservative tenets that this country does need. But those choices would essentially also be an immediate and resounding vote:
- FOR Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-il, and Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías
- FOR abortion on demand, the eradication of traditional marriage and family, and the elimination of freedom of religion
- FOR a weak national security and defense
- FOR a healthcare system that will kill more people that it will truly and fully help
- FOR further American dependence on other nations for energy and resources and a cessation to utilizing the guaranteed resources we already have.
- FOR a maliciously permanent change in the right of citizens to bear arms
- FOR a realistic resurgence of communism as a potential form of government in this country

John McCain DOES understand executive leadership by the constraints of the Constitution. He DOES have a proven understanding of what it means to act as commander-in-chief. And he DOES believe that a republican form of government is the best hope for America.

Alexander Hamilton said, “A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one.” And if we choose disgrace on election day by letting Barack Obama win, then a master IS what we will have in the white house.

Like him or not, want him or not. John McCain is still a far better choice than risking the loss of what the founding fathers died for by electing a candidate who has promised to destroy it by his proposed executive actions and decisions.

We do have the hope of choice, not because of hope itself, but because the choice we make will truly determine the hope of America.

Thank you and May Almighty God be forever praised as He blesses this great nation and its people. Good night.

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