Monday, August 4, 2008

Revolution....It's about TIME!!!!!!!!

Revolution 2008
Words by Scott from South Cackalacky
(To the tune of Revolution 1 by the Beatles)

Well now you’ve got a revolution
Well you know
All we want is cheaper gas
By the rules of the Constitution
Time to vote
Up or down, fail or pass
But all you wanted was a vacation
You killed the lights and tried to shut us out
Don't you know we’re gonna finish the fight
Alright, gonna fight, alright

You won’t listen to our solution
Well you know
We’re right, but you just don’t care
Now we’re after retribution
Well you know
So now you better beware
And now you want money for a book that people hate
All we want to do is continue the debate
Don't you know there’s gonna be a fight
Alright, a fight

You’re calling for Bush’s execution
Well you know
You can’t blame him for your mistakes
You belong in an institution
Time to go
You and all the liberal flakes
The winds of change are coming, you will regret
The day you could’ve done something but you just left
So now there’s gonna be a fight
Alright, a fight

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