Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain-Palin 2008

It's been confirmed by the McCain camp that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has been picked as John McCain's running mate.

I think that this is actually a very smart move in terms of a national election.

Sarah Palin, VP Candidate

However, I am concerned about a few things…. Even beyond some of the controversy she is currently facing in Alaska (Thanks, Syrin).

Well, about that controversy. I wonder how accurate it is since she is now the pick. I can’t imagine that the McCain team would pick someone with a bunch of potentially damaging baggage knowing that the campaign could be derailed.

Beyond that, I am wondering about this choice being able to shun off the “inexperienced” retorts from the Obama camp. It would be logical for the dems to play that card since it was rightfully played to them.

I am also concerned about her ability to stand up to Biden in the debate. Truth is truth and facts won’t lie… and what I have seen from Palin’s communication skills is impressive. But Biden’s experience, albeit liberal, may mean more to the electorate.

My main concern is that Sarah Palin is 100% valuable up to and on Election Day. The elements she brings to the ballot are overwhelmingly great for McCain. But is she truly the one to be ready to assume the Oval Office should the need arise?

Over all, I give the McCain camp and Governor Palin herself a thumps up!

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