Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Federal Employment Opportunities

Potential Federal Government Positions Announcement

Based on the apparent and inevitable election of U.S. Senator Barack Obama to the Presidency of the United States, The U.S. Department of Energy is creating a new agency to be title the Renewable Energy Agency. This agency will be responsible for the regulation and enforcement of Green energies throughout the nation. Subgroups of the agency will include the following:

Automotive Restriction and Replacement Office
The agents of this office will be responsible for assisting citizens in determining the ecological impact of their vehicle and assistance in replacing vehicles if they do not meet federal Green standards

Office of Household Environmental Maintenance and Education.
The agents of this office will be responsible for assisting citizens in evaluating the efficiency of household utilities and their use. They may also be required in educating citizens in the proper use of utilities to help reduce the household’s ecological impact on the environment.

Carbon Impact Office
The agents in this office will be responsible for educating and enforcing a citizen to alter his or her lifestyle to reduce that individual’s carbon footprint.

Office of Tire Pressure Maintenance and Enforcement
The agents in the office will be required to inspect any vehicle’s tires for proper tire pressure and to educate citizens it proper tire inflation.

All agents will have the same authority and responsibility as any armed Federal agent.

No experience required, however candidates who do have experience in superfluous employment will be given priority.

Salary will be determined on how much oil is actually under John McCain’s feet at the time of employment orientation.

Submit inquiries and applications to the Barack Obama campaign.

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