Friday, August 15, 2008

World War III or Cold War II... maybe sooner than we think


Yes, there are ethnic and cultural considerations that go back hundreds of years where people are being wronged by both current governments. However, more that this, RUSSIA is asserting its imperialistic traditions. These traditions go back in time beyond anything instigated by the Soviets. Russia has always been an expansionist power and it seems that those tendencies are going to again snarl through the teeth of the bear.

I have heard from various sources that Georgia instigated this invasion by Russia. However, Georgia hardly seems capable to do this on practically any level. Russia wants Georgia just as it did Czechoslovakia back in 1968.

There are people in South Ossetia who have a cultural bond with the Russians right across the border Putin is using that. In North Ossetia, the majority is culturally bonded with the Georgians, who believe themselves to be the direct descendents of Japheth, the son of Noah.

There is oil in Georgia and Russia wants control of it.

There are other resources that Russia wants control of as well.

Secretary of State Rice made a statement that show America’s position:

I am still waiting to see how she will outline our actions in backing Georgia up…. But at least it is a start.

The left wing nuts have resorted to using a fox news video of a 12-year old girl to claim that Georgia is the evil instigator.

This girl, who happens to be from the San Francisco Bay area, couldn’t really describe anything about the warlike conditions other than her fear. DUH! She’s a 12 year old and why would she pay attention to any details about what kind of ammunition did what to what. However, she did have to interrupt to make sure that she stated that it was Georgians bombing them and that the Russian military was helping everyone. Then her aunt, who was obviously from Ossetia started in on the politics of the issue.

I do not doubt that this family believes that the current Georgian government is the aggressor and from their perspective, I can see it as well. But since cultural grudges go back so far and Ossetia, as well as two other provinces want independence from Georgia, it would tint their perspective as well.

I have no problem with those provinces wanting independence. I do have a problem with the Russians feigning assistance when their ultimate goal is to control those provinces as a part of their empire.

Saakashvili should find a way to work this out instead of letting Russia cause this much turmoil. But that is not where we are at anymore.

I am still stating for the record that I believe this could turn out to be another Yugoslavia, full of potential ethnic, cultural and religious turmoil. Furthermore, because of the proximity of Georgia to muslim nations and because oil is a resource, this could very easily be a new hotbed of terrorist activity. And the Russians for sure don’t know how to deal with that other that total oppression.

That is why it is so very important for the west, and America in general, to show solidarity with Georgia as a nation who espouses liberty and democracy. We show Russia and the world that we won’t tolerate communist style aggression. If we don’t, then Russia will build up again… just like Germany did after World War I. Georgia or the Ukraine may very well be this century’s Poland. A new world war and even a new holocaust may be right around the corner.

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