Saturday, August 16, 2008

Obama looking at major celebrity for veep position

"Amnesty, abortion, acid and appeasement"

Sources say that Barack Obama has added Barney, the big purple dinosaur to his short list of V.P. candidates. This would mark the entrance for Barny into the political arena.

It is really not that far off that a political novice could be considered and even shows Obama’s confidence in his own value to make a move like this.

Some of us are probably wondering what Barney would bring to the ticket.

Well, it really doesn’t matter since Obama would bring enough hope and change to the presidency and nation that a vice president wouldn’t really be needed. It could be this Barney, Barney Frank or even Barney Fife and it wouldn’t matter. However, Barney has always espoused a liberal, and some would say Marxist, doctrinal teaching in his television program that it simply seems a perfect match. Obama would utilize the big purple dinosaur as a national mascot to sing songs and dance around as a distraction from what the president, soon to be called chancellor, and would be doing while in office.

A spokesperson for Barney neither confirmed nor denied the political rumor but did state this: I love you, you love me…


Of course I am being ridiculous….BUT SO IS THE REST OF THE SO-CALLED PRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just read an article, rather a blog, where John Kerry is now a veep consideration.

Paraphrasing, the author stated that America does love a comeback kid, like Nixon 40 years ago.

Okay, let’s look at this. Obama picks Kerry, the guy who wanted and still wants the top job; the guy who picked the adulterous ken doll for his veep; and the guy who considered the current GOP opponent for his veep.

Anyone else smell the dirty diapers yet?

It seems that as long as this veep pick can be the top news, people won’t start to see the truth: Obama is so shallow and flimsy that his V.P. pick actually matters to people who want him to win.

Outside of the last 25 years, can anyone easily bring to mind the losing veep candidates? As much as I love politics, I have to rack my brain to think of them.

Obama has the unfortunate distinction of needing a vice president who will make a difference in either the way a state or demographic votes and yet it won’t. In reality the person he needs, unless it is someone with less experience than he, is someone who should be running for president with BHO as V.P. But Biden or Richardson just couldn’t inspire enough HOPE or CHANGE in the libtards of this nation. Nor could they portray that Hitleresque homage in Europe the way Obama did.

Obama, in his vice presidential pick, will effectively assassinate that person politically worse than McGovern’s veep picks (Can you name them both and why there were two?). He might as well pick Barney.

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