Thursday, August 14, 2008

I felt like rambling and ranting

It’s 3am, the phone is ringing, Did Jesse Jackson actually get Obama’s onions?


The country Georgia is not quite at technologically advanced as the US state Georgia. So, no matter what Russia says, Georgia couldn’t have instigated a Russian attack.


Oil companies who have oil derricks but refuse to use them are doing so because of liberal and green intervention, and not because the companies would make “less” profit. Anytime a profit CAN be made, it would be RETARDED for them not to. Oil is a world commodity and as long as it can be drilled, money can be made. And I challenge anyone to find a company who has proportionately equitable profit margins on every one of their products and services. Wal Mart and Piggly Wiggly pay the same amount for a can of peas and yet they charge a different price. So, the profit for Wal Mart is different than that of Piggly Wiggly. And that would mean the proportional profit, after the total cost of expenditures, that each store would make would very likely be different than that of a tube of toothpaste. Stop buying what the news loons feed ya. They are the ones making the highest profit at the cost of truth.


Greta Van Susteren is just way too infatuated with scandalous murder. This is only proven by the fact that she went on Space Ghost Coast to Coast to talk about lawsuits.


The Virginia Governor is obviously trying to get that Veep job. He gives total credit to Obama for the cease-fire in Georgia. He may be right as there really isn’t any cease-fire there. Obama will probably call for a cease-fire if there is another terrorist attack against us, when war breaks out between Monte Carlo and Andorra, and the Super Bowl.


And yet again, McCain just can’t seem to truly want the conservative vote. Tom Ridge is a good man and a valuable member of the GOP, However, his pro-choice stance has no place on the McCain ticket if Republicans are to win. Jonny Boy needs to stop reading pop culture polls and start truly listening to his “voting” constituents.


From Sean Hannity to WorldNetDaily, there is just too much fascination with the weird and the paranormal. I really don’t think you can put a conservative light on some of it when you aren’t trying to disprove it. I’m not saying that conservatives are always supposed to be the skeptics, but these folks are letting the sensation of the story be the draw, rather than the facts known. STOP IT! It’s starting to chafe my hind parts.


And, you sooper dooper Oompa Loompelosi........ After all the ungodly stuff you support and let pass into law, I can’t take you seriously when you give Christ credit. And if Christ already saved the planet, why do you insist that you still have that job to do? Honeychild, you gotta get over yourself….soon!


And stop posting news reports that totally refute the headline….FOX NEWS, CNN, AP!!!!! I am going to write an article where the headline reads that Carter Insists that McCain Should Get the Presidency. And then have the actually story talk about Officer Dave Carter, an NYPD sergeant is supporting McCain. Colin Powel for Obama? His business but at this point we have Hillary supported who support McCain….so who cares?


And why is John Edwards still getting press at this point? Well, of course it’s to detract from any negativity Obama may get. But facts have born out. Edwards is NOT a candidate for anything at this point. He did commit adultery and he did lie about it. I really don’t care about the kid being his. The story is over, drop it.


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