Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The PC Rape Trial

It’s a Politically Correct Rape Trial!!!!!!!!!

Tory Bowen, a 24-year-old Lincoln, Nebraska, woman, has alleged that Pamir Safi, a 33-year-old Army reservist, raped her three years ago while she was a senior in College. Safi alleges that they actually had consensual sex.

Pamir Safi
-Pamir Safi-

The judge in the case seems to be in agreement, even before any testimony is given.

Lancaster County, Nebraska, District Judge Jeffre Cheuvront has banned certain words and phrases from the trial on the grounds that they could be prejudicial to the defendant.
The words RAPE, ASSAILANT, VICTIM, SEXUAL ASSAULT, and SEXUAL ASSAULT KIT cannot be used during the trial. In other words, which they now have to be, this judge wants to make the defendant into the victim because his feelings might get hurt. The judge did not promulgate what words could be used by the prosecutor to make his case, however.

I do wonder how a VICTIM can allege in court that she was RAPED or SEXUALLY ASSAULTED by an ASSAILANT without actually using those particular words. The judge says the word SEX is to be substituted for the word RAPE. I guess that would make the VICTIM and ASSAILANT known as INTIMATE PARTNERS. I also wonder what the judge wants to call the SEXUAL ASSAULT KIT… Oh, I got it…INTIMATE RELATIONS QUANTITATIVE EXAMINATION COLLECTION!!!

I can just visualize this “trial:”

Prosecutor: Miss Bowen. Can you describe the events of the night in question?

Bowen: On that particular night, I was raped by the defendant…

Defense Attorney: OBJECTION!

Judge: Sustained.

Bowen: Uh, the assailant attacked me…

Defense Attorney: OBJECTION!

Judge: Sustained.

Bowen: Um…he sexually assaulted me…

Defense Attorney: OBJECTION!

Judge: Sustained. Miss Bowen, you cannot use those terms in this court. Now please describe what actually happened on the night in question.

Bowen: Uh, um, er, um….we had sexual relations?

Judge: if you had sexual relations with the defendant, then why is he being accused of something much worse. CASE DISMISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Bowen is now planning on bringing the case before the US Supreme Court! Why should it have to get that far? A reasonable judge should have handled this properly by the evidence alone, with or without the use of certain words.

What a joke! This judge would be one of those pacifist freaks to take stemmed flowers into battle and put them in the barrels of enemy guns.

Where does right and wrong end and political correctness begin in our society? I am just not sure anymore… at least beyond myself and my family.

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