Monday, June 2, 2008

Hooray For Parents Being Parents!!!!!

This blog started with a report I saw on Fox and Friends and then found the related article at Hot Air

These parents are what the standard should be. If true discipline is thoroughly and lovingly practiced, the crime rate would more than likely decline exponentially.

Video: Mom punishes son for stealing by doing what must be done

Once I started to look for further news regarding this one, a few other articles showed up where parents were being parents.

Sign of the times: Mom gives joyriding 13-year-old daughter an unusual punishment

Sign of the Times….and a good thing, too
For 3 hours, the daughter was made by her mother to wear a sandwich board sign that read:
"I am 13 years old. I stole my mother's car without her permission and endangered my two younger brothers' lives as well as others on the road,"

Another mother, whose child misbehaved, used the same form of discipline

This sign read: “I have been WAY NAUGHTY!!! I've been suspended from school and my mother is VERY UNHAPPY with me!!! From this day forward I will obey all rules my teacher and mother tell me. I am sorry.”

Another mother used a similar tactic.

His sign read: “I am a thief. I stole my mother’s phone.”

All I really want to say is….BRAVO TO THESE PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I was growing up, my parents made me understand that THEY were the law of me. And their law was based on God’s law and Christian doctrine. I knew that any misbehavior on my part would be met with a sever enough discipline that the threat of such would be a deterrent in and of itself.

And for all of you belly rubbing, humanist, freaktards out there who think this is cruel and unusual punishment… GET OVER IT! Maybe a few hours of humility will help these kids focus on what is right and keep them on the straight and narrow.

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