Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How much more do you want out of life???

Saw this the other night on “Wretched” (
I do not know the original source.

Before you start to worry about your standard of living, be grateful to God for what you have.

This is what you would have to do, living in America, to have the same lifestyle as most families living in a third world country.

9 steps to third world living:

1. Take out the furniture, leave a few old blankets, a kitchen table, maybe one wooden chair. You’ve never had a bed.

2. Throw out your clothes. Each person in the family may keep their oldest suit or dress, and a shirt or a blouse. The head of the family has the only (just one) pair of shoes.

3. All kitchen appliances have vanished. Keep a box of matches, a small bag of flour, some sugar and salt, a handful of onions, and a dish of dried beans. Rescue the moldy potatoes from the garbage can: those are tonight's meal.

4. Dismantle the bathroom, shut off the running water, take out the wiring and the lights and everything that runs by electricity.

5. Take away the house and move the family into the tool shed.

6. No more postman, fireman, or any government services. The two-classroom school is three miles away, but only two of your seven children attend anyway, and they have to walk to and from it. The other five kids are doing things to feed the family.

7. Throw out your bankbooks, stock certificates, pension plans, insurance policies. You now have a cash hoard of $5 total.

8. Get out and start cultivating your three acres. Try hard to raise $300 in cash crops because your landlord wants one third and your moneylenders want ten per cent.

9. Find some way for your kids to bring in a little extra money so that you have something to eat most days…even though it won't be enough to keep your bodies healthy. So go ahead and lop off 25-30 years of everybody's lives.

In reality, should you give up the things you have? Of course not. God has given you everything and it would be foolish to just throw it away. However, learn a lesson here. Don’t be complacent or satisfied in the comfort zones of your material possessions. Find comfort in the Lord and know with confidence that your earthly comfort will never compare to the paradise God has in store for you in His presence in heaven.

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