Thursday, June 5, 2008

No matter what the polls say....

There is one thing in these primaries that is really starting to concern me…and every news outlet is reporting on it.

Hillary dems are said to be mad for various reasons and will not vote for Obama now that he has the total delegates to be the democratic nominee. In exit poll after exit poll, this has become a talking point on just about every political news broadcast and blog….case in point…this one, too.

Some of those Hillary dems have even stated they will vote for McCain not that Hillary isn’t going to be the nominee.

What I am really hearing from these media outlets is: Republicans won’t need to show up at the ballots this November because there will be plenty of democrats to vote for McCain.

Listen up, people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t buy into this ploy! Don’t be lulled into this false sense of security of a McCain win. Assume that McCain needs every vote.

Now I realize that I have not been very vocal in supporting McCain, so take this as my proclaimed support for McCain.

It comes down to two major points:

1. Judicial appointments to the Supreme Court
2. Barack Obama is a Marxist Socialist

McCain has promised to nominate constructionists to SCOTUS. Obama WILL nominate liberal activist judges who WILL legislate from the bench.

Barack Hussein Obama was educated and trained by Marxists, has been proclaimed the most liberal, ergo socialist senator, and has associated and been in co operations with known communists.

McCain may not be the most conservative by record, but he has ABSOLUTELY devoted his career to opposing and defeating the enemies of our nation. Obama does business with and will meet unconditionally with the enemies of the USA.

So, don’t assume ANYTHING! Get to the ballot box this fall and vote on the issues if you can’t vote for the man.

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