Monday, June 23, 2008

Orgasm by Law in Ecuador

Orgasm By Law!

A woman from the governing party in Ecuador has proposed that a woman's right to enjoy sexual happiness should be enshrined in the country's law.

Her suggestion has provoked a lively debate in conservative Ecuador.

Maria Soledad Vela, who is helping to rewrite the constitution, says women have traditionally been seen as mere sexual objects or child bearers.

Now, she says, women should have the right to make free, responsible and informed decisions about sex lives.

'Orgasm by law'

Ms Soledad Vela is a member of the governing party on the Constituent Assembly that is rewriting the country's constitution. Its aim, among other things, is to ensure a better distribution of wealth and rights for indigenous communities and the poor. Women, she believes, should not be left off that list.

But her comments have provoked a lively response - mostly, unsurprisingly, from men. Opposition assembly member, Leonardo Viteri, accused her of trying to decree orgasm by law. Another called the proposal "ridiculous" and said that such an intimate topic should stay intimate and not be enshrined in law.

Ms Soledad Vela responded to the criticism, saying she had never requested the right to an orgasm - merely the right to enjoy sex in a free, fair and more open society. She explained that sex was a difficult subject to discuss in Ecuador and that what she wanted were clearer laws covering life, health and sexual education.


Okay, this is Ecuador in South America. And to be honest I really don’t know enough about the country or its culture to comment on it. I never did a project on Ecuador for school. The main thing I remember is that the Galapagos Islands are off it’s coast in the Pacific Ocean. But I am really concerned about the amendment that guarantees toe curling for women. I am not sure I agree or object and I really don’t know why. But is this really a political issue? I would tend to say no. And yet, hasn’t sex enshrined itself into politics these days? I really just don’t get it.

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