Sunday, October 5, 2008

SNL's crassness with modern politics

So, I decided to give SNL one more chance to keep the humor as unbiased as possible and to keep the tactless attacks on Sarah Palin’s family out of the fun.

The parody of the VP debate was going brilliantly with both sides getting an equal amount to ribbing. This was starting to show that it could be fun again until there was 3:40 left in the clip. That was about where the “unwilling teenagers” jab was given.

Incest, and now this?

I thought at least it could remain fun for everyone…especially the candidates and their families. Bush, the elder used to enjoy Dana Carvey’s take on him and took the jabs in stride.

This is supposed to be a show where comedy can say to our national leaders what we don’t always get the chance to and in fun. But any American that would openly attack the Palin family the way SNL does has lost any sense of tact or taste.

Now, on the positive note, the C-Span Bailout clip was spot on! I commented on another blog that I wouldn’t be surprised to see the actual people act that way and say those actual words.

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Cheryl McMillan Overturf said...

I agree 100%. I can't stand watching any of the late-night comedy shows anymore, except for "Red Eye". Their adoration of Count Chocula and their scorn for Sarah Palin are absolutely nauseating.::