Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Joe Biden set to win veep debate

Gwen Ifill will be “moderating” the Vice-Presidential Debate tonight. While normally I would not be surprised to find a liberal leaning journalist in this position, I do have a major concern.

I was doing some research on the debate and just wanted to find out more about Ms. Ifill. This is a very accomplished journalist with a notable career of over 30 years. She is the moderator and managing editor of Washington Week and senior correspondent of The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. Before coming to PBS, she was chief congressional and political correspondent for NBC News, and had been a reporter for The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, and Boston Herald American.

Does anyone else see the pattern here?

Now for the really shocking fact about Ms. Ifill: She has a book scheduled to be released in early 2009. Guess what it is called…

“The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama”

Age of OBAMA???

So, based on the title alone, I think we can assume that Ms. Ifill would benefit financially, in terms of sales of her book, if Barack Obama were to win the general election.

Just how fair, balanced and unbiased will she be moderating the veep debate?

Below are her comments from the floor of the RNC Convention following Governor Palin’s speech:

Again, just how fair will she be when she not only has a book that will sell more if Obama wins but also when she already has a biased perspective of Governor Palin?

Will questions include the following?

Senator Biden, who has the best chance of being the best president, Senator McCain or Obama?

Governor Palin, who do you think you are to mock Barack Obama?

Senator Biden, does your many years of service and experience matter in the VP position?

Governor Palin, are you a wife first, or a mother first?

But should she be replaced as moderator, who will be the replacement? Who in the MSM is not biased, one way or the other? The majority of journalists lean left with a few that lean to the right. There really isn’t any press rep in this country that is unbiased.

There has been much ado about how Joe Biden is going to keep the kid gloves on for Palin but will attack McCain. But now I am wondering if Palin will be able to attack Biden or Obama without having the moderator gear questions to make her look bad in doing that.

So, what to do…

Sarah Palin is going to have to be majorly on her game in this debate. She will HAVE to be the barracuda she is known to be, even challenging whoever the moderator may be.

I may not have stated it before too much, but I am really beginning to believe that this election is totally rigged to elect Barack Obama as president.

May God’s will be done.

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erconservative said...

this thing is totally rigged, im starting to think how can obama not lose when the whole medias in bed with him, our countrys going to hell..