Monday, October 20, 2008

NEW QUANDRY: Another choice in titles for Biden

Well, he did it again.

If you will remember, I was presented with a dilemma about what to call Joe Biden.

I had originally christened him “Ditto” Joe due to his illustrious writing and speech expositions.

Then, due to Biden’s mangling of the facts regarding FDR, 1929 and Television, I granted him the moniker “Wikipedia” Joe.

Now This!

“Wiki/Ditto” Joe has obviously been given the clairvoyance of a tabloid soothsayer. So now, I have been burdened with applying new title.

I came up with this:


Good golly! I am going to run out of creative juices. I certainly hope that this will pacify the guy who wants to be “America’s #2.” (Oh, no! NOT AGAIN!)

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Unknown said...

ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! Good one!