Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Ridiculous Brouhaha over the "Brewhaha"

It’s been called “B3,” “Beerfest,” and “Brewhaha,” but the hullabaloo about the powwow over the debacle regarding Harvard Professor Gates and Sergeant Crawley of the Cambridge, MA Police is getting out of hand, and the blame is owned by President Obama himself. Sadly, while Obama can apologize all day and night for America to the rest of the world, he can’t bring himself to apologize for butting in, making racial presumptions, and making this a national affair when it doesn’t need to be. But that really was his plan after all.

His health care reform plans are not going like he planned or desired and during a press conference about it, when he was bombing miserably, someone brought up the incident regarding Gates and Crawley.


The question was asked so that President Obama could appear authoritative on an issue of race. But it wasn’t a head-of-state that responded to that question. It was a community organizer who showed up and responded. It was akin to comments made by an activist like Al Sharpton, automatically defending the minority involved without getting all the facts.

In my humble opinion, the Presidential thing to say would have been, “I do not have all of the facts about the incident and would prefer not to respond on what is a local matter. Professor Gates is a friend of mine, and I hope all involved are okay and that this can be dealt with in the most professional candor.” But instead he stated that he didn’t have all of the facts and that the Cambridge Police “acted stupidly”. There is no other interpretation that could have been “calibrated” from Obama’s comments on the matter. So, the President of the United States, who hasn’t taken the time to read the enormous bills written by the House and Senate, will take time to drink a beer with two men at a picnic table – so that HE can promulgate a “teaching moment.” But who does he hope to school? Gates? Crawley?

America is getting schooled in just how ridiculous this president is, and this is just the latest example of how a community organizer should not be a president!

Carter had Sadat and Begin at Camp David.

Clinton had Barak and Arafat at Camp David>

And now in the finest of Democratic Traditions, Obama will meet with Gates and Crawley at a picnic table.

Carter’s works didn’t last that long, And Clinton was only mildly successful. How will Obama do? At a picnic table?

What’s next…? Bong hits in the Rose Garden uniting East Coast and West Coast rappers?

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