Monday, July 20, 2009

Don't Kid Yourselves. It's NOT Health CARE Reform

I have become sick and tired of the misleading phrase "health care reform." The proposal before Congress right now is not care reform, but health care PAYER reform. If anything, the quality and quantity of actual care will diminish if this passes. Apply the plan to another somewhat comparable service:

Does a highly paid celebrity or major corporation trust civil law enforcement for their protection? \

Nope, celebrities, potentates, and corporations usually pay for their own security. In fact if government run law enforcement were the only security, there would be tons more crime. Private security has been around for hundreds of years in differing forms BECAUSE civil law enforcement is just not adequate for protection of everyone who needs it.

Please understand that I intend no disrespect towards any level of civil or government law enforcement. Just the contrary, I respect and sincerely appreciate the men and women of law enforcement. But in many cases, private security does a great job of protection and supplemental deterrence so that civil law enforcement doesn’t have to strain its own resources and end up neglecting those it is charged with serving and protecting.

In essence, if it weren’t for PRIVATELY PAID security, the level of civil protection and service would be disastrously inadequate. And while there certainly are some kinks and flaws in government run AND privately run law enforcement/security, those problems would be exponentially worse and in some cases catastrophic.

The same thing would happen if applied to the nation’s actual health CARE system.

Congress is deceiving all of us by using the misnomer it does. In the proposed bill, there is no true reform to the actual CARE but only in how health care is paid for. This bill is not doing anything that would benefit doctors or patients. All it does is change how the people will pay for healthcare…. Mainly by increasing taxes. AND it plans to usurp and maintain control of people’s choices of what care they will actually receive. And the ultimate sufferers will be those that a bureaucracy deems unworthy of care or too expensive to cover.

It will get so bad that Eugenics will again be flirted with and finally advocated as the only way the government can truly afford what it is now dreaming up.

In a world where eugenics and government run/provided healthcare go hand in hand is a world where you would never be reading this. Because I am blind and because it has been evident that my blindness is a hereditary condition, the government would deem me not worthy of the cost of the specific needs of my healthcare and I would most likely have been aborted or if not, genetically engineered to have eyes that did not need specialized care. That doesn’t mean I would not be blind, just that the genetic alterations would be done so that no cost would be needed to spend on my eyes or improvement of sight.

That is not acceptable. The government would gain even more control over it’s citizenry by determining what fetus lives and what fetus is murdered in favor of saving money… Or even worse, whom the government deems worthy of living.

The so-called “progressives” the liberals label themselves are the misguided champions of a society that would annihilate individual rights and true justice for all.

I urge you to call your congressman and senator and tell them they would lose your support if they continue with promoting the so-called healthcare reform bill. Remember that they work for and serve us. They DO NOT rule over us.

As a nation or individuals, let’s work together to pressure those who really can have an effect on health CARE. We have to give health CARE workers – doctors, nurses, therapists, technicians, etc. – the ability to do what they desire to do – treat us. How do we do this? We need Tort reform and we need to advocate for medical practitioners OVER any insurance and payment issue.

We the people MUST be willing to work with healthcare providers WITHOUT forcing them to worry about malpractice. Yes, if a doctor makes a mistake or does something wrong, he or she must be held accountable…. But not to the point where all doctors are afraid to do their jobs because they can’t afford malpractice insurance or by trying to heal, they get sued because of something that may go wrong. Negligence is one thing, but these days, people seem to give higher consideration to blame and sue to make a buck, rather than know that medicine is an art that has risks that may cause complications. Furthermore, if the government gets control over the payer system of healthcare, we won’t have any malpractice claims because many procedures would be disqualified as either too expensive or superfluous for patients not deemed worthy of the procedure.

And finally… If the people who are proposing this wonderful reform to our healthcare system refuse to be a part of it as customers, why should we?

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