Thursday, October 8, 2009

Taxing EVERYTHING, YAY!!!!!!

Most of the folks who voted for Pelosi, don't watch Charlie "Snoozer" Rose on late night PBS... especially when they have such ludicrous lefties like letterman to laugh at. But, in case you missed it, here is the Nana Po herself on Rose's show, talking about a VAT (Value Added Tax).

For those of you who think that what she said sounds reasonable, what she is talking about is taxing EVERYTHING available for purchase. BUT it's not just that simple.

Let's say you wanted to purchase a new dining room set, for example. The retailer of that table has to pay a tax on everything it uses to market that table. And the manufacturer of the table will have to pay taxes on the following: the wood, the hardware, the stain and/varnish, etc.

Now apply that same standard to a medical provider who has to buy an x-ray machine and all the taxes along the line being paid to market and manufacturer.

With all the extra taxes being paid, should we really believe that the cost of those taxes will not show up in the final price of the product or service? Of course it will.

Be smarter than our government gives you credit for. Contact your Representative and let him or her know that you do NOT want the Value Added Tax!

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