Thursday, July 17, 2008

White Dwarfs are Just as Important as Normal Stars

Eating Devil’s Food Cake in White Plains Under a Blue Moon is Just a Red Herring for Those Who are Green With Envy or Yellow With Fear.

I realize that not everybody is tone-deaf, color-blind, odor-free or taste-free, but right now I think this nation has become one where people are just dumb-struck with tactile sensitivity.

This PC junk is just plain getting out of hand and I for one am totally sick of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look Commissioner John Wiley Price, I think you crossed the line on this one. The “black hole” comment might have been something to pursue outside of the meeting it was stated. However, to bring up ethnicity in terms of food and animals is absolutely moronic!

Dude, you have got to get over yourself because I love devil’s food cake, black eyed peas, black beans and rice, blackened chicken, brown gravy, etc. And I am not going to change my opinion of them, nor am I going to call them something different.

As far as devil’s food cake being black, don’t be stupid. Similar to red velvet cake, it’s a chocolate butter cake made with baking soda. When used in cakes, baking soda causes reddening of cocoa powder when baked. And the name actually comes from it being a sinfully delicious indulgence… not its color.

Surely, you have MSN where no one wants to be dumb, or maybe you need to stay at a Holiday Inn Express.

I realize that black has been used negatively to describe Africans and their descendents. But as long as you continue to make a big deal about it, you in essence become a racist yourself.

And what about black power or black pride? Are those supposed to be negative connotations now?

There are people who have lost EVERYTHING they have because of flooding or fires or whatever and you are worried about the name of an astronomical term?

There is a war on terror that we desperately need to win and you are worried about why certain foods are called certain things?

Gas prices are through the roof and you are worried about a recessive genetic trait in sheep?

I wonder if the business that the Dallas taxpayers entrusted you with that day was dealt with or maybe you didn’t have or get what you wanted and decided to play the ace of spades and trump the business of the day with your politically correct agenda. After all, stopping the meeting to complain about words and then demanding and unwarranted apology didn’t do ONE SINGLE THING for the best interest of the people of Dallas.

I truly hope your constituents remove you from office soon!

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