Monday, July 7, 2008

It’s Barack Obama….That’s why!

I called in and debated with Eeevil Conservative and Sonlit, among others who are right touting the lack of qualifications of John McCain.

They are saying that McCain is not worthy of the GOP’s conservative base voters. And that we conservatives need to stand up and take a stand against the liberal trend in the GOP and especially the left leaning McCain. As they say, we should stop tolerating candidates who are just acceptably above the democrat and nominate candidates who represent what we want as conservatives. They think that it would be tolerable if Obama got elected to prove the point to Americans that the status quo or Marxist lefting of our government is not what this country needs and that it would lead to another Reaganesque candidate winning a future general election that would set this country right again.



We’re not talking about doing this during a peace time where the threat to American security is either minor or under the Mutually Assured Destruction deterrent of the Cold War. We are also not talking about a democratic candidate like Mondale, Hart, Gebhardt, Bradley, Kerry, Edwards or even Gore.

Were talking about a time when American security and prosperity are at the precipice of remaining strong or falling to the whims of the most liberal senator on record should he become president.

This is Barack Hussein Obama we’re really talking about. And no matter how dismally unsatisfactory we find John McCain, there is too much at stake in the safety and security of American lives to allow the elections of a terrible Marxist in as president to prove a point.

There are comparisons between Obama and former calamity-in-chief, James Earl Carter. And based on Carter’s loose lips as of late, I can see why. Carter was an unequivocal failure as president with no true legacy of anything positive. And all he did was facilitate the Israel-Egypt thing. The leaders of those two countries knew that they had to meet somewhere in order to provide peace and security for their respective peoples. Carter was just the guy who brought them here to talk.

There is one comparison, however, between Obama and Carter that just doesn’t match up. Carter got elected for no other reason than he wasn’t a republican. He was unknown and had a nice smile. The election of 1976 saw voters enter the voting booth with Watergate still fresh in their minds. And as I recall, Reagan did run in that election as well. And how did her do? Republicans were still seen and crooks, cheats and liars in the minds of a media fed populace. And if you believe the media of today, a media without integrity or impartiality, Obama will be the better president because McCain is going to be another Bush.

Me, personally, when compared to Obama, I’ll take a continuation of Bush…especially when it comes to protecting the American people on American soil! To me, proving the point to the voters that a left leaning government is a bad thing should not be at the risk of the very lives of those voters.

I truly believe that, based on what he has promised to do, Obama will do anything and everything he can to diminish and even destroy American sovereignty and security to a point that may be unrecoverable. I do NOT believe the “vote wanting” positions of the general election candidate. I DO believe that guy who ran in the primaries as the messiah of the far left. And this is based on who this guy really is.

McCain IS a terrible choice to be president….without a doubt, but he IS a candidate with whom conservative voters can work to assuage into a more traditionally conservative method of leadership. Obama, the true Obama would show who he really is as president: a man who was raised with the teachings of Islam, a man who was mentored by Marxists. a man who thinks that evil dictators can be convinced to behave, a man whose voting record is rated as the most liberal in American history.

In other words, in the world as it is now, a vote for a third party candidate or not voting at all may send a message to Republicans that they need to change their evil ways and embrace the conservative tenets that this country does need. But those voting choices would essentially also be an immediate and resounding vote:
- FOR Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong-il, and Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías
- FOR abortion on demand, the eradication of traditional marriage, and the elimination of freedom of religion
- FOR a weak national security and defense
- FOR a healthcare system that will kill more people that it will truly and fully help
- FOR further American dependence of other nations for energy and resources and a cessation to utilizing the guaranteed resources we already have.
- FOR a maliciously permanent change in the right to bear arms guaranteed by the 2nd amendment
- FOR the fairness doctrine
- FOR a realistic resurgence of communism as a potential form of government in this country

John McCain does lean to the left and his record does show that. However, he also DOES understand executive leadership by the constraints of the Constitution. McCain DOES have a proven understanding of what it means to act as commander-n-chief. McCain DOES believe that a republican form of government is the best hope for America. McCain DOES understand the need to have a Supreme Court that will not legislate from the bench.

Like him or not, want him or not. McCain is still a far better choice than risking the loss of America by electing a candidate who has promised to destroy it by his proposed executive decisions.

I will promote, along with Eeevil and Sonlit, that we have to educate voters to the truth and need of conservatism. And that we need to reach the leaders and elected officials who claim to be republican and let them know that we will no longer tolerate the lefting of America. I urge you to call your GOP leaders at every level of American government and tell them that they have to earn your vote by embracing conservative values and positions in the jobs they do.

Eeevil Conservative and Sonlit, you both are exactly correct in your position. But your timing is just wrong in the world we live in right now.

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Joshua P. Allem said...

Exactly Scott! Well written!

The Republican Party is dead and must be replaced with a new party. Until that party is built, damage control (not support) must be done. It all comes down to who you fear more. Is it John McCain or Barack Obama? If you fear McCain more than Obama, then don't vote for him. If you fear Obama more than McCain, then don't vote for him. This isn't rocket science, and yet it seems that some of our own with very high intelligence fails to see this elementary fact. And I can't possibly see how McCain is any where near the catastrophe that an Obama administration would be to this nation.