Tuesday, July 22, 2008

From FDR to JFK to JSM

This is an appeal to Roosevelt Democrats. I feel I can address you all because I am descendent of some.

My point here is not to convince you to change parties or sway your loyalties, but to really motivate you to vote for someone like the one you idolize.

Let’s face it, folks. If you vote for John McCain this year, you’re going to get another Rooseveltesque president.

After all John McCain is very liberal on so many issues, he might as well have that long cigarette holder and haughty upper crust accent. Another thing that McCain and Roosevelt have in common is their love for America and democracy.

Roosevelt led this nation out of the Great Depression and through part of WWII. He made decisions and did what had to be done to stop fascism and tyranny in the world.

And even though I disagree with John McCain on so many issues, I do strongly believe this: John McCain will a president who will take the security of this nation as a top priority. He will be a commander-in-chief who will insure that America won’t be overrun by the recent trend of Marxist and Socialist politics around the world.

So, all you Rooseveltoids, why would you pass up an opportunity to vote for someone who, according to facts, exemplifies a combination of FDR and JFK? Don’t miss out on voting for JSM simply because you see an extra R with his name. We all know that letter doesn’t mean anything anyway. It’s about as useful as brail touch keys at a drive thru ATM.

Seriously, if McCain wins, you will be getting a democrat in office anyway. If you do vote for Obama, and he wins, you will have voted for someone that FDR and JFK would have done everything possible to stop in his Marxist tracks.

Since most of you probably don’t have cable TV and only get your news from the main networks, you probably get the daily swill of Obama Kool-aid and never really get to hear the objective truth about how he really is ready to be the leader of the free world.


That has a different ring to it today. And if you are able to really reason this out, you’ll understand that you cannot associate that title with Barack Obama. There is no way he is ready to carry that mantle. And I know understand that a president would face the issues of the world from a new perspective in the oval office, but Obama has no comprehension of considering that old standard of truth, justice and the American way.

So, if you are a Rooseveltian or know someone who is, really consider that McCain is one of your own when you step into the voting booth this November. And please spread the news.

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