Monday, April 6, 2009

Time for a reality check!!!!!!!!!


I think we’ve given Obama a fair chance. You may think that less than 100 day isn’t much of a chance, but look what this guy has done in less than 100 days!

Led that largest spending increase in American history

Led in the pressure of the government to take over corporations

Made it easier on terrorists

Made it easier to kill babies

Made it easier for other nations to assert their military power

Made it easier for the government to control its citizens

Made it easier for criminal invaders (aka illegal immigrants) to be beneficiaries of the government over legal citizens

Made light of the Special Olympics

Bowed down to the monarch of another nation (is it a coincidence that it is a Muslim nation and the home nation of Osama bin Laden?)

And now he has APOLOGIZED for an ARROGANT America who should be following rather than leading the nations of the world.

Specifically, he fawned over Europe and blamed his own nation for some of the political divisions in the world.

We have at least 1200 more days of the Panderer-in-chief. What else is he going to do?

I am really ticked about his blaming America for not following Europe’s example.

Question: How much European blood has been spilled in defending the United States of America?

That earthquake in Italy isn’t a natural disaster… it’s buried American’s rolling over in their graves!

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