Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Thoughts on the Whole Miss California Controversy

Okay… So let’s say that Miss California, Carrie Prejean, answered Perez Hilton’s question regarding same sex message a different way. But let’s say that it was Kirk Cameron asking the question instead.

Let’s say that she answered saying that, in her opinion, she believed that same-sex marriage should be legalized nation-wide and that she was proud of her country for allowing such a choice.

Then let’s say that after she won the pageant based on her PC answer, Kirk Cameron posted a video attacking her in a similar way that Perez Hilton actually did.

Now how do you think this would go?

Cameron, and basically all Christians, would be conversely attacked for being intolerant and bigoted.

Miss Prejean answered a question based on her own opinion from within her own convictions. Whether it had anything to do with her winning the pageant or not is irrelevant. Because she is standing by her answer. And even though she didn’t say so at the pageant, she has since basically said it is based on biblical principles or in other words…BECAUSE GOD SAYS SO.

Way to go Miss California! Perez Hilton is guilty of the thing he accuses others of the most.

Now, here’s the rub…Does she have a right to tout a biblical belief one way and then act in what can be observed as a non-biblical way?

The pageant does have a swim suit phase in which the contestants were displayed in bikinis.

Does her parading her body in attire and posture where the male eye is directed and possibly in a lustful stare seem consistent with her biblical convictions on same-sex marriage?

As much as I admire her for sticking to her convictions and not backing down from her statement, I do have concern that such a person of biblical convictions would display herself in a way that makes her a sexual object rather than a follower of Christ.

As a man, I admit my eyes were drawn to her figure and looks in all the post pageant media I have seen…. And God truly did a great job on His creation! But I had to avert my eyes and remember that she is my sister-in-Christ first and for me to stare at her form keeps my thoughts away from glorifying God…. Yep breaking commandments 1 and 2.

I certainly hope that in all this controversy, Miss Prejean decides to seek God’s face and work for His glory above putting herself as an object to be focused on.

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