Friday, June 11, 2010

Are The Vegetarians Right?

I’ve seen some debate among some of you about vegetarians and meat eaters. SO, before this gets out of hand, let try to avoid a holy war about vegetarianism. And, as a grateful eater of meat, I find myself needing to help clear up some things.

First of all, Vegetarianism is NOT a sin, nor is eating meat. I WILL NOT place any judgment on anyone based on their Godly directed eating habits.

The Bible actually says that up until after the great flood, all men and animals were vegetarian. God told Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden –

“I have provided all kinds of fruit and grain for you to eat. And I have given the green plants as food for everything else that breathes. These will be food for animals, both wild and tame, and for birds.” (Genesis 1:29-30)

However, after the flood –

“The fear and dread of you will fall on all the beasts of the earth and all the birds in the sky, on every creature that moves along the ground, and on all the fish in the sea; they are given into your hands. Everything that lives and moves will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything.” (Genesis 9:2-3)

Some people wonder if it is sinful to eat meat. The Bible clearly states that we CAN eat meat. The prime example is –

“They gave Jesus a piece of fish that had been cooked and some honey. He took it and ate it…” (Luke 24:42-43)

Many vegetarians refrain from eating meat because some of the meat industry seems cruel and exploitive to animals. And yes, God gets very angry at this type of treatment of His creation. However, most of the meat industry is providing a service to customers that is no different than any other commercial industry. If your conscience haunts you about eating commercial industry meat, then don't eat it. However, if it doesn't bother you, eat without fear or guilt. And there should be no ill feelings among vegetarians and meat-eaters as each must do what he or she feels is best for them. The bible advises us in this, even specifically about this topic. (Please understand that even though it says that one who only eats vegetables is weak in faith, it doesn’t make them any less a guest at Christ’s table) –

“The faith of some people allows them to eat anything. But others eat only vegetables because their faith is weak. People who eat everything must not look down on those who do not. And people who don't eat everything must not judge those who do. God has accepted them.” (Romans 14:2-3)

Therefore, all you vegetarians should understand that we meat eaters are going to keep eating meat the way we always have and we should let you eat as you desire. Sending out those things from PETA and the like are only going to cause meat eaters to eat meat and really enjoy it even more.

Finally, if you are a Christian or are on a path seeking after God –

“God's kingdom has nothing to do with eating or drinking. It is a matter of being right with God. It brings the peace and joy the Holy Spirit gives." (Romans 14:17)