Monday, May 31, 2010

Who I like in South Cackalacky on Primary Day!

My Endorsements for the South Carolina GOP Primary Elections held June 8th.

Governor - Nikki Haley
Bauer means business as usual. Barrett is a progressive spender. And even though I personally like AG McMaster, I am not so sure he is right for the state’s highest seat.

Lt. Governor - Bill Connor
You can’t go wrong with this guy. He is a warrior through and through!

Adjutant General – Bob Livingston
The only conservative running…. AAAAANNDD, who wants a liberal in charge of the state’s military?

Attorney General - Alan Wilson
What’s not to like? This guy cuts ‘em and guts ‘em like an AG should.

Commissioner of Agriculture – Hugh Weathers
I tend to agree that the election of the ComAgri. Can interfere with goals of the Commissioner and Governor to truly promulgate, expand and make successful the agricultural needs of the state.

Comptroller General – Mike Meilinger
In this case, change would be good.

Secretary of State – Mark Hammond
The only conservative running has done an adequate job…if it ain’t broke…

Superintendent of Education – Kelly Payne
I am truly excited about Kellye Payne. Not only is she immensely qualified and loaded with experience for the position, I have also seen her personally take an opportunity to reach out to those who can’t vote for her but for whom it will be her job to protect and advance.

Treasurer – Curtis Loftis
In this time of government overspending, we need someone who will not lose track of Millions of dollars. Our current treasurer’s office is full of doofi!

Congressional Distrcit 2 – Joe Wilson
Even though it may not have been polite, the guy from SC was right about Obama’s denial of universal healthcare for criminal invaders.

Senate – Jim DeMint
Just plainly the right guy for this job. I pray he keeps up the good work!