Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Didn’t They Get The Clue the First Time???

This will probably be one of the least politically biased blogs I will ever write. It’s just that there is something really grating my nerves lately.

Even BEFORE Indiana Senator Evan Bayh announced that he would not seek reelection, there have been a lot of former office holders on both sides of the aisle that have declared their intention to run for their former office.

Now while I take the conservative position that the Liberal/Progressive Democrats from Obama on down have taken this nation to new low, I think it is potentially disastrous for the Republicans who lost their office in a fair election are seeking that office back. They had their chance to make this nation and its people a serious priority…AND THEY BLEW IT!

There is a reason they lost their office and I absolutely think that their former constituents would be very disappointed, and even disenchanted to have them right back in the office where they couldn’t perform their duty well enough to be reelected.

There is a movement ever growing to replace ALL of the incumbents in Congress COMPLETELY with new personnel. While I do see and appreciate the initiative behind it, I am personally not in total agreement with that because I do think there are a few member of Congress who ARE fulfilling their responsibilities to their constituents AND who have only been in for one term.

One of the priorities of the new Congress should be to institute term limits on themselves that will lead to the Constitution officially being amended to officially confirm that into law. The era of big government will never begin to be over until we can eliminate PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS! And yes, I do include conservatives in that as well. When the people of this nation make it clear that one should not seek public office as a career, maybe those that do seek it will actually be of strong character that the people will be the ones who determine whether they go on to new or higher office.

On a somewhat unrelated side note, since Congress required corporate executives to take a salary of ONE DOLLAR per year without bonuses, why is it unreasonable for the American people to demand the same of their elected officials until this nation gets out of debt? Financial advantage should NEVER be a reason for ANY American to ascend to public office. Congress has so many benefits that any employee in the public sector would seriously envy.

One of the reasons that we look at our Founders with admiration is that they willingly and responsibly stepped down for their positions of power when they could have remained virtually indefinitely.

My charge to all of you is that when you look at your upcoming ballots in your various state and congressional primaries, whether you are Democrat, Republican or other, DO NOT vote to reelect someone who has lost an election for the same office and certainly DO NOT vote for an incumbent who has served a total of twelve years or more. This will be a responsible start at getting Washington to WORK FOR US rather than to go there to gain power, money and fame and RULE over us!

Come on wannabe professional politicians, GET A CLUE, right now they are free and untaxable!