Monday, May 30, 2011

"I WIll Remember"

“I Will Remember”
Scott Ashley Kingsmore

You answered a call to serve,
Beginning with sweat and dust and nerve.

The trials you endured to prove,
That your resolve couldn’t be moved.

I will remember.

The uniform you donned with pride,
With others, side by side.

With shining buttons and sharply pressed,
Like you, waiting for the test.

I will remember.

On land, on sea or in air,
“First to Fight…,” “Always Ready…,” you’ll be there.

“Rolling Along…,” “Off We Go…,” “Anchors Aweigh…,”
You charge bravely into the fray.

I will remember.

All it took inside an eternity of strife,
Was a fragment of a moment to end your life.

Your courage was met with destiny,
Because of your sacrifice I remain free!

I will remember!

I pray that you know my deep appreciation,
For the price you've paid for our great nation.