Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When You Vote, Remember That "We the People" Have the Power

I know, I know… I have been neglecting my blog, but do to various necessities; I just wasn’t able to post anything. So, I apologize to those few of you who actually pay attention to my tiny, insignificant corner of the world.

There has been SO much to write about, I feel like an idiot for not at least reposting stories and other blogs. But cest la vis…

So, what to write about…?

The political races that took place last year? Nah. The Christmas Terrorist Attempt? Nope. The New Year? No. Although I still wonder why people ask me if I had a great new year. Wouldn’t it be more logical to ask if I had a good Old Year? Anyway, I am not going to even really comment on the earthquake in Haiti or the Massachusetts (add another “e” for you Martha/Marsha Coakley fans) Senatorial race.

So, why even break my creative fast?

The one thing that has been occupying my thoughts lately is this following:

At what point in the history of our nation did the fourth, AND MOST IMPORTANT, branch of government lose its power?

It’s more of a rhetorical thought as there are just too many things that have been done by the other three branches to contribute to the loss of power by the fourth. And yet it shouldn’t be.

From the date forward after “We the people” was put to parchment, the three branches that were created by the fourth began to start seizing more and more self importance. I am not decrying the Constitution at all, because as it was intended and written by its framers, it is the best form of any government that has or will be established. But most of those who have pursued and been ELECTED to SERVE have treated their service as a job with a title and power.

Let me say that there are those out there who do pursue the service and yet don’t pursue power. But doesn’t the distinction between power and service say enough.

George Washington is probably the most famous leader whose career was more about service than power. And yes, there have been a few others. But if you look at the history of the politicians in this nation, the majority of them have done things to seize power rather that to keep the power with WE THE PEOPLE.

John Adams was the first with the Alien and Sedition Act to place the government as more important than the people. The others include Jackson, Taylor, Polk, Lincoln, Grant, Hayes, both Roosevelts, Taft, Wilson, LBJ, Carter, Clinton and “Dubya” Bush. In fact ALL presidents really belong on the list but none as much as Wilson, FDR, Johnson, and now Obama.

The next question is WHY? Well, the truth isn’t that all politicians pursue power, but that “We the people” have let them.

Yes, I have endorsed candidates before and will do so again, as long as they look to the Constitution and the rule of law. But, from this moment forward, any candidate who campaigns themselves or promotes a platform of larger government will not get my support. Look at it this way. If the only choices of food I have to eat for one day are rotten chicken or rotten pork, I will fast.

The Democrats have historically been the party whose elected have seized more power for men than support the powers of the Constitution and yet there are plenty of Republicans who, even though they campaign to “not increase the size of government,” do just that. These politicians all spend like crazy and write legislation that makes government more important than the people. Ronald Reagan was the last president to campaign and serve with the platform of reducing spending, taxation, AND bureaucracy.

The Obama/McCain race was very reminiscent of the FDR/Landon race in that the losers basically campaigned with the platform ideology of, “me too, just not as much.” Many conservative voters saw right through McCain and stayed home in 2008 giving Obama the win.

Well, no more! It stops now. The complacency of the people is waning after so many years of waxing. The deification of politicians is being scrutinized. The American Idol mentality will no longer be a part of political races. The people, nation and states will be the focus of politicians rather than the government.


The only way those factors will change if something VERY important happens:

Americans have got to once again realize that the only time to support a candidate is during an election with the premise that, once elected, the winner will SERVE the people rather than use the people to further the winner. One way to ensure this is to establish term limits for elected officials. Why is it that the president is restricted by term limits and the Congress is not? One reason is that the Congress writes the laws, but the main reason is that people who pursue power through service forget about the service and are not willing to give up that power.

It’s time again for Americans to understand the issues of the platforms and especially the NEEDS of the nation. Americans should take the chance to research the candidates’ history and opinions. And Americans should vote with the assurance that they have the most important power in politics – The ability to hire and fire those who are in politics.

So, as the election season comes near, get to know the candidates and the issues thoroughly. Do NOT vote because you like the R or the D, but vote because you believe the integrity of and desire to serve by a candidate match up with what the people NEED and not what you want. And, I cannot stress this enough, do NOT vote for any candidate who promises something tangible to you. That is called a bribe, or “buying a vote,” or political prostitution. They cannot guarantee what they promise to individuals. And be very weary of those who promise things to groups to get their support. The ONLY special interest concern a politician should have is for his or her individual constituents who he or she SERVES.

In closing, it’s time for the fourth branch of government – the people – to believe in itself again and put trust in the Constitution rather than the candidates.