Saturday, June 20, 2009

Retiree Dresses Down Boxer.... YES!!!

Below is an email, from an associate of a relative of mine, sent to SENATOR Barbara Boxer in response to her dressing down of Brigadier General Michael Walsh at a hearing yesterday. Be forewarned it is NOT Diplomatic! AND I COULDN’T HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF!



How dare you insult a General the way you did. I served for 24 years in the Air Force and the term Sir or Ma'am was one of respect. You obviously are nothing but a Self centered, egotistical, elitist. You and the rest of your ilk should be voted out of office come next election. Your value as a Senator is NIL, NOTHING, NADA.

Thank you MA'AM for letting me sound off!!! I am an American and since YOU work for WE THE PEOPLE, I have "earned" the right to say all I just said!!!!