Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bandits, Kate’s big “O,” Ann Coulter, and feminine hygiene products in action

Bandits, Kate’s big “O,” Ann Coulter, and feminine hygiene products in action

This is probably the first and last time I will post an entire episode of “The View.” I happened to catch it for the Coulter segment and then decided to watch it when the other topics gave away their superficial concerns.

Hasslebeck in the “Bush’s,” Bahbah owns up top thievery, they drool over Liverpool Paul, Gabriel Byrne, Tina Fey, “Dime Store” Mickey Rourke and his dogs,

Then they admire Kate Winslett’s “acting” and the Golden Globes, Whoopie recalls a kanipshin fit from a previous life, and the Ann bashing starts. Apparently, she is a victim hating racist…. Well, that’s what these ladies proclaim her as.

Ann Coulter sits in and the clucking starts……. Coulter gets treated like a baby treats a diaper. Bejar gets her obligatory bash on Sarah Palin, and Ann is shut out of defending her arguments….as usual.

And now for something completely superfluous and ridiculous… Joy Bejar thinks that their dressing rooms are not adequate to her standard… so a team of mascots, including paper towels, toilet paper, diapers, tampons and maxi pads renovate away…. At ABC’s expense, I presume. Oh, and Joy gets a crack in about losing her virginity….classy, huh?

And the automatons in the audience drool over it all….

If guess if you are liberal, you like this sort of junk TV. Since I am a straight, married, conservative male, there probably will be no expectations of me ever “getting it.” AND THANK GOD FOR THAT!

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